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Member Makeover: Selling Paid Collabs

Sunday, January 28, 2024

Influencer Academy Member Makeover features Craig from @WalkAboutRVAdventures this time!

Though we wanted to do a profile audit, Craig posed a question that many influencers are facing: "How do I recover a brand deal that started well, but ambiguously ended up as a trade deal?"

How to turn trade brand deals into paid brand deals!

Nicole and @grantsparks take time to break down Craig's sales process, and offer Sales "word tracks" to guide the conversation with the brand BACK to the potential for a trade deal!

00:00 Intro
02:23 Craig's Top Question: How do I take the next level?
12:19 The Brand's Campaign Goals
16:33 Intentional Ambiguity Can Be a Negotiating Tactic
19:11 The Price Tag on Trade Deals Can Be Stories
22:50 Do You Write Your Sales "Word Tracks" To Close Deals?
25:45 Useful Phrases for Anchoring a Paid Deal

This discussion covers sales negotiation tactics for influencers, focusing on transforming ambiguous trade deals into clear, paid brand partnerships. Craig Hadley of Walkabout RV Adventures seeks advice on advancing his brand collaborations and confidently pitching without underpricing himself. The key themes include understanding pricing, clear communication, and strategic steps to convert trade deals into paid agreements.

⚡ The session introduces Craig Hadley and his question about advancing his brand deals and pitching confidently.
⚡ The hosts highlight the common issue of influencers underpricing their services, often leading to lost opportunities.

⚡ Craig shares his recent experience with a brand offering high-value products in exchange for content promotion, but without monetary compensation or a formal agreement.
⚡ The brand offered an internet device, an updated safety product, and an uncapped fuel card, but the discussion lacked clear deliverables or compensation details.

⚡ The hosts stress the need for formal agreements, even for gifted partnerships, to outline expectations and protect both parties.
⚡ They highlight the risks of operating without a contract, including potential misunderstandings and lack of accountability.

⚡ The hosts provide strategies for Craig to steer the conversation towards a paid deal while maintaining the relationship with the brand.
⚡ They suggest starting with appreciation for the offer and inquiring about the brand’s standard partnership agreement to establish formal terms.
⚡ Tips on how to phrase requests for agreements and introduce the topic of monetary compensation are discussed.

⚡ The conversation emphasizes the substantial value influencers bring to brands, including driving traffic, generating sales, and enhancing brand awareness.
⚡ The hosts recommend Craig leverage his various platforms (Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook) and their unique value in negotiations.

⚡ Craig is advised to follow up with the brand via email, thanking them for the offer and requesting a partnership agreement to solidify the terms.
⚡ The hosts suggest including additional services (like sponsored posts or reels) and their respective rates, offering these as options for broader reach.

⚡ Craig is encouraged to take control of the negotiation by clearly defining the deal terms, even if it means starting with free or trade-based agreements.
⚡ The hosts recommend framing free services as short-lived content like stories, while positioning longer-lasting content like reels and posts as paid services.

⚡ The discussion emphasizes the importance of showcasing recent growth and engagement metrics to demonstrate value to potential brand partners.
⚡ Craig’s impressive statistics (like doubling in size and reaching millions of accounts) should be highlighted to justify his pricing and the potential return on investment for the brand.

⚡ The hosts offer practical advice on how to conclude the negotiation, ensuring that Craig feels comfortable and confident in asking for fair compensation.
⚡ They stress the importance of practice and preparation, suggesting Craig write down his key negotiation phrases and use them consistently.

⚡ The session concludes with the hosts offering further support, including a detailed audit of Craig’s social media profiles and additional coaching sessions.

Craig is encouraged to keep refining his negotiation skills and to view each interaction as a learning opportunity.

This makeover offers a guide on navigating sales negotiations for influencers, emphasizing clear communication, formal agreements, and recognizing the value they bring to brand partnerships.